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Local Mosquito Control Services

Here at Mosquito Squad of Mount Laurel we know there’s few things more annoying than when mosquitoes and ticks decide to camp out in your yard. That’s why we strive to provide the very best pest elimination services to keep those annoying pests away from you and your family. We offer a variety of services to keep your yard bite-free this season.

Stop Mosquitos in Their Tracks with Our Traditional Barrier Spray Protection

You can’t go wrong with our traditional mosquito control system. Our trained technicians target key breeding grounds and lay down a barrier. A full 85-90% of your mosquitos are wiped out immediately. For three weeks afterward, our barrier keeps new mosquitoes from buzzing back to your yard. Before the barrier fades, our technicians are back to reinforce it.

Easy on the Environment, Tough on Mosquitoes

Select our all-natural, organic mosquito control service to kill those pesky bugs with a rosemary and peppermint oil one-two punch. This treatment is gentle enough to use safely on open water, but strong enough to kill 75% of the mosquitos and keep them dead for 14 days.

State of the Art

If you want the best outdoor protection you can get from mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and no-seeums (aka biting midges), as well as most other flying annoyances then one of our Mistaway Misting Systems may be right for you. These systems are installed and programmed based on the design of each property they protect, and can even be controlled via a cell phone app.

Keep Lyme Disease Away This Season

As you might know, New Jersey is a tick-transmitted Lyme Disease hot-spot. From 2008-2012, Burlington County reported an average of 237 Lyme Disease cases per year. We take this threat to your health very seriously. Our intensive tick treatment combines our barrier system that kills adult ticks with our tick tubes that kill “nymph stage” or “baby” ticks before they can feast on your family and pets.

Keep Uninvited Guests Away from Your Special Event

Outdoor dining without being the meal! Don’t let mosquitoes crash your outdoor events this year. Our special event services keep those pests away from your guests without disrupting the party. Our products dry in 30 minutes and don’t leave any odor.

Are You Ready for a Mosquito-Free Season?

If you can’t wait to enjoy a swat free summer, and get rid of your mosquito and tick problem, then please contact us for a free quote today!

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